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random pics from Georg’s Instagram

everything’s progressing. i’m no more than that.


can’t wait for the interview <3

“Ready for the show.”

a few adorable picture from this year


Bill’s Alphabet

~Everyone was so surprised when I changed my hairstyle. Believe me, my desire to change even surprised myself. I just changed my hair and don’t regret it at all. You can’t always be the same. On Humanoid there is a new sound and on my head I have an excellent mohawk. You have to rejoice the changes but not to be afraid of them.


10 Bill's tattoos [2005-2014]


"Tom and I, we’ve always wanted to be on stage and play our music. There was never a moment of doubt, we never thought "what else could we do?". It has always been our dream."

Bill’s last sunday


Black - Live in Hollywood.

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